At Clear Vision Eye Center, we strive to provide comprehensive eye & vision care for you and your whole family. Preventative and routine eye examinations are important to maintaining good eye health.

Eye and vision problems, some of which have no obvious symptoms, can be easily diagnosed during our comprehensive eye exams. Diagnosing your eye and vision conditions early allows us to advise on provide treatment options and in many cases restore or prevent vision loss. We do refer our customers who appear to suffer from more serious eye diseases to a visiting ophthalmologist who attends at our office  monthly.

During an eye exam, you will be ask certain questions about any symptoms or issues you are experiencing, including any blurry vision and your overall health. Family history and previous eye or vision conditions will also be discussed during this part of the examination.

Regular vision testing and evaluations ensure that you always have the clearest vision possible. Our eye clinic provides regular vision acuity testing as part of a comprehensive eye exam. We will measure how each eye is seeing by using a wall eye chart and a reading eye chart. The results of these tests are portrayed as a fraction, with 20/20 being the standard for normal distance and reading vision.

Depending on the results of your vision test, you may be required to wear prescribe corrective glasses. You have the choice of regular glasses or contact lenses. As part of our comprehensive eye exam, we will also examine the overall health of the eye through a visual examination and glaucoma test.

The health of the eye is evaluated by visually inspecting the eye and eyelids using magnification and other industry standard measures to further examine the internal structures of the eye and may dilate the pupils. At Clear Vision Eye Center, our Optometrist, Dr. Franklin Mgbemere utilizes the services of a Fundus Camera to aid in his diagnosis.