Our vision:

“To provide excellent vision related services in a caring, friendly, professional and courteous environment, offering choice of competitively priced internationally accepted eye-ware, to the benefit of customers and staff.” We are building on a relationship management platform that is evident in our customer service and healthcare management, supported by state of the art technology.

ClearVision provides the platform for a direct relationship between our brand and the needs of the Grenadian community. We focus on an area of health that is germane to the quality of life of every individual. The desire to maintain good vision crosses all boundaries and is one of the leading indicators of the health spectrum.

ClearVision exists to offer our customers and the Grenadian public an opportunity to focus on their healthcare, with specific emphasis on their vision. We desire to have ClearVision become a recognizable, first time recall, household brand.

ClearVision provides an opportunity for customers to maintain and enjoy good health, with specific emphasis on quality eye health. We provide individual choice of branded and affordable eye-ware in keeping with global trends. We also offer access to professionals who provide internationally recognized and certified surgical services.

ClearVision Eye Center Ltd. provides comprehensive eye examination, quality services, affordable glasses, high end frames, contact lenses, sunglasses, prescription sunglasses among our range of services to the satisfaction of our customers. It is our desire that all our customers will “see the world with a clear vision.”