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Clearvision eye center exposes students to optometry

ClearVision Eye Center exposes students to optometry as a career option, Grade six students at Grace Lutheran School in Woodlands, St. George’s today got the opportunity to match what they learned in the classroom with the real environment.

The students, accompanied by Ms. Astra Dubissette and Ms. Shaneice Alexander, today visited ClearVision Eye Center on the Carenage, where Optician Knoxford John demonstrated the process of making prescription lens.

According to Ms. Dubissette, the students are currently doing science courses which refer to various elements of vision care, including the functions and anatomy of the eye and diseases that affect vision.

“The students were asking about the process of making prescription glasses to correct certain eye problems, so rather than talk about it, we decided to take them to the environment where they can participate in the process themselves,” she said.

“I like the fact that we got to see how the lens are made. The fact we were able to see the process really helped us to understand what we learned in school because we learned about concave and convex lenses and we saw it today at ClearVision,” student Mia Keller said.

ClearVision GrenadaThe students were also delighted to meet with resident Optometrist, Dr. Franklin Mgbemere, who explained the anatomy of the eye and the range of equipment used in eye examinations.

He also advised the children on how to care for their eyes, especially in relation to the present outbreak of conjunctivitis in Grenada. He urged them to wash their hands regularly.

Ms. Dubissette said there were other reasons for the two hour long visit, including increasing the range of career options available to the students.

“This is a good opportunity for the students to be exposed to the area of Optometry because they can now include it as a career option,” Ms. Dubissette said, noting that the visit will also help the students with their CPEA preparations.

ClearVision Managing Director Valerie Dubissette urged the students to make good choices, think positively and take their education seriously as it will play an important role in their future development.

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